SCORCH Your Electric Bill with SOLAR HI

Jackson Electric, LLC. CT-32267

Solar Electricity

Take advantage of the free energy that falls on your roof every day from the largest power plant in the solar system.

Solar Air Conditioning

Install an efficient split air conditioner that is powered 100% by solar and batteries or runs on solar during the day and grid power at night.

Battery Based Solar

Take full advantage of the electricity that your PV system produces during the day by storing it in a long life Lithium Ion Storage Battery.

We Take Care of the Process from Start to Finish

System Design & MECO Application

We will be happy to educate you about the process and the equipment. We will also shepherd the application through MECO and obtain county permits and schedule inspections for the work performed.

Inspections & Future Maintenance

Fortunately, PV systems have few moving parts and are designed for an exceptionally long and trouble free service life.

We design and install PV systems to last 30+ years.

Why Use Solar HI?

Jackson Electric, LLC. CT-32267

Check Out Our Work

We have done work in your neighborhood and we can show you pictures of the high standards of quality that we hold ourselves to. We can also point out things to watch out for when evaluating other quotes.

Well Done is better that Well Said and our work speaks for itself.

Talk to Our Customers

There are extremely satisfied customers all over the island that would be happy to share their experience working with SOLAR HI. You can also check out Google and Yelp reviews or the Better Business Bureau.

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